Sat., Sept. 23, 9 am - 12 noon, Norris Conference Center, Austin, TX 

sales strategy workshop

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*  Built upon the 5 Step Give Yourself a RAISE" Sales System

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*  The ONE thing you must do for relationship building

*  Specific ways to sell to even the toughest customers

*  How to handle objections and close the sale

*  Where to find hidden and high profit sales (Hint: referrals!)

*  Break into small groups and role play (that's how we        

   change our behavior)

*  Q&A session – Ask Margo anything!

You'll also get to practice these new techniques in this in person workshop, so you can use them right away

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After 25 + years selling, marketing and managing sales for nearly every industry, Margo discovered some consistent attributes for success. She compiled all of the best habits and techniques to create her 5 step "Give Yourself a RAISE!" program which she teaches in workshops and training sessions. An author and speaker, Margo also consults with entrepreneurs and companies to increase the close rates and drive revenue growth.

Margo is the mother of two teenagers and lives in Austin, TX with her husband and family. They enjoy scuba diving together in tropical destinations, walking their two black labs on the Hike and Bike trail and stand up paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake.

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