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            “… an engaging, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic speaker.”

“A crowd favorite!”

“…humorous, captivating and inspiring.”

“I love her energy!”

“… breaks up the information in simple and organized way which makes understanding the steps easy.”

“Margo delivers value packed messages with her fun and interesting stories in a warm style that holds audience attention and gives them specific steps they can use to increase income right away.”

“Give Yourself a RAISE: How to create a referral pipeline”

Speaking at the Wedding Network event in Austin TX

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LisaBeth Thomas, TWIB President
LisaBeth Thomas, TWIB President

Thank you so very much for your excellent presentation on “Asking for the Sale”…it was obvious that your message hit a chord with many of our members by the amount of questions they asked! Feedback was that your presentation was humorous, engaging, informative and inspiring. I also enjoyed that you took an uncomfortable situation (for many women) and made it “OK” for them to make the big ask!

Let me know other topics or new ones you create so we can have you back soon!

-LisaBeth Thomas, President, Texas Women In Business 


Author of the "Bedrock" series, "Water Under the Bridge", Britney King
Author of the “Bedrock” series, “Water Under the Bridge”, Britney King

I found Margo to be an engaging, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic speaker. A crowd favorite, for sure, I’d be honored to have her back.

Britney King, Author and President Austin Women’s Network


transformation coach, energy healer, Kerri Hummingbird
transformation coach, energy healer, Kerri Hummingbird

Margo is a high energy speaker who delivers clear, actionable wisdom to her audiences from a genuine desire to serve.

Kerri Hummingbird, NAPW Austin

Most Popular Speaking Topics

“Give Yourself a RAISE”- Margo’s signature 5 step sales strategy revolutionizes sales and provides a step by step process that anyone in any industry can use to dramatically increase sales and income.

“Closing the Soft Skills Gap – Communication skills for millennials and the generations who work with them”. Since Margo restarted her career in 2009, she grew up with millennials and social media. She now teaches intergenerational communication techniques that lead to increased job productivity, satisfaction and employee retention.

“Building a Referral Pipeline” – Developing a constant flow of referral customers is the secret to doubling sales. Based on her signature sales system, RAISE, Margo breaks down the exact steps to take for creating a pipeline of referrals.

“Stand Up Sales Strategies” for managers – Margo’s outline for leading a sales team with quick and efficient techniques. How to conduct 5 minute sales meetings that keep sales teams highly productive.

“Confidence Building – It’s An Inside Job” – Margo tells her own story of how she overcame incredible obstacles, took action while feeling scared and built her confidence back up during times of struggle. She describes how she found ways to keep going when she didn’t feel up to it and the joy she now has living the life she’s always dream of living.

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