Business Strategy Coaching


Sales coaching can increase your income right away. Margo works with entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople, account executives, sales directors and vice presidents to identify sales blind spots and open the floodgates of revenue.


Multiplying sales success for my clients is the focus of my business strategy coaching.

Successful business owners and executives do most things well and a few things pretty poorly. I work with leaders to identify the strategic sweet spot for their business, as well as for their own time. Discovering how time can be spent with the highest return on investment, is key to scaling any business. Most of us have a blindspot around identifying this. As a mentor of mine says, “We can’t read the label from inside the bottle”.

That’s where I come in. I have deep sales and marketing experience across multiple industries and know exactly what to look for to uncover the greatest opportunities for a company to scale their business dramatically and authentically.

“I hired Margo to come in and in an hour and a half, she tapped into things inside me that would have taken me 6 months to tap into.”

-Jan Goss-Gibson, CEO Civility Consulting


“She helps people laser focus on identifying their strengths and crystalize their goals.  Margo is uniquely both strategic and practical and helps her clients develop actionable plans that spell out next steps to advance their careers. Her passion and energy for coaching women on how to achieve their dreams is evident and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a woman who’s been through numerous transitions in life, Margo practices what she preaches and brings her real world experiences into her career and life coaching.”

– Helen P.

Business strategy coaching can include:

  • Business strategy assessment
  • Clarity and focus on business goals
  • Step by step action plan for implementing plans and achieving goals
  • Marketing and sales plans to scale the business and reach goals
  • Assess market sweet spot
  • Evaluate highest and best use of executive’s time and talents

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