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Sales coaching can increase your income right away. Margo works with entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople, account executives, sales directors and vice presidents to identify sales blind spots and open the floodgates of revenue.


Identifying sales blind spots (we all have them) and removing them opens up the flood gates of revenue. As a sales coach, I work with entrepreneurs to find those blind spots and bring them into view so they can make more money than ever before. Sales coaching gets right to the heart of what makes a business successful – revenue!

My clients see an increase sales between 20% and 80%!

Bringing out the best in ourselves is tough to do on our own. Outrageously successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Clinton have hired a business coach to help them identify their blind spots and remove them so they can realize their dreams. What they know about succeeding, you can also learn. Sales coaching can impact your success right away.

Business coach, Margo Wickersham works with entrepreneurs and professionals to define and reach their success goals.
Sales coaching professional, Margo Wickersham works with entrepreneurs and professionals to remove their sales blind spots and increase income.

How much do you want to make? How much are you making? What is the difference? Is it worth that difference to invest in yourself so you can earn that every month or more?

“She helps people laser focus on identifying their strengths and crystalize their goals.  Margo is uniquely both strategic and practical and helps her clients develop actionable plans that spell out next steps to advance their careers. Her passion and energy for coaching women on how to achieve their dreams is evident and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a woman who’s been through numerous transitions in life, Margo practices what she preaches and brings her real world experiences into her career and life coaching.”

– Helen P.

Sales coaching clients receive:

  • Identify sales blind spot
  • Action steps for increasing sales
  • Clarity and focus on business goals
  • Step by step action plan for achieving goals
  • Marketing and sales coaching to grow their careers and businesses

1 x 1 sales coaching sessions and packages of 6 or more available.

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