Sales Training and Professional Development

Using the most effective sales methods from across industries, Margo incorporates the elements that will have the biggest impact on each client’s business.


Margo’s approach to sales training and professional development is to clearly understand the client’s needs, dynamics and priorities first. She creates custom training for each client, designed to achieve the objectives and increase close rates. Margo is also available to train curriculum provided by client.

  • Sales training – strategies, techniques and process

    • Building rapport to create the know, like and trust factors
    • Qualifying prospects
    • Overcoming objections
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Closing techniques
    • Communicating effectively
    • Sales process – including a customized blend of the following methods
      • Sanders
      • Challenger
      • Customer-centric methods
      • Solution-centric and others

Communications  and productivity training

  • Strong interpersonal communications skills
  • Team communication skills for improved collaboration
  • Communicating across generational, cultural, gender and work experience diversity
  • Flexibility – Developing tools to effectively manage ups and downs of the work environment
  • Teamwork – Learning skills for working together as a team across different disciplines, generations and functions within a company and it’s customers

Customer service training

  • Delivering world class customer service
  • Handling customer problems
  • Key element of outstanding customer experience


  • What makes Margo’s sales training and professional development unique?

  • She has personal expertise in sales performance across almost every industry and company size
  • Margo connects easily with sales leaders and their teams
  • Shows sales teams how they benefit and gets them engaged immediately
  • Makes the course fun and interactive
  • Includes role play, which is how behaviors are learned
  • Follows up with accountability after the workshop
  • Margo calls upon her deep experience providing sales training across enterprise companies like Dell, as well as small businesses

Sales and professional development training that increase

  • Productivity
  • Close rates
  • Average revenue per sale
  • Customer retention
  • Referrals
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Team collaboration

Sales training client testimonials

“After implementing the sales strategy Margo taught me, my close rate shot up 40%! I can’t wait to see how my bookings go up when I use all of the techniques she showed me.”

Karen M., Owner, Ma Maison

“I sold  5X more cars in the month after Margo coached me. And the next month was 10X and that’s where my sales remain. My sales are better than they have ever been!”

Gilbert C., Salesman, Kyle Chapman Motors

“Margo’s referral pipeline strategy doubled my sales within 3 months! And I see that continuing to grow.”

Coleman J., Owner of  Filming Company

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Also, Communication training also improves productivity and job satisfaction, so employee turnover is reduced, saving the company valuable time and money.

Margo provides onsite training for teams in 1/2 day, full and 2 day training formats at client’s location. Training can be customized based on client needs.

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