Sales Training for Millennials

Training millennials how to communicate better with all generations is key to their success. This sales training is highly effective.


Successfully training millennials requires a much different approach than with every other generation. Raised on digital devices, millennials often struggle with phone and face to face communication. Sales Training for Millennials is the course that quickly and effectively teaches this generation exactly how to connect and communicate with people of other generations.

Sales training millennials includes:

Communication – Discovering how to discern when phone, email, text or in person communication will be most effective. Acquiring strong interpersonal communications skills.

Flexibility – Developing tools to effectively manage ups and downs of the job.

Teamwork – Learning skills for working together as a team across different disciplines, generations and functions within a company and it’s customers.

Training millennials methodology

Using social media to train millennials on communication and sales skills
Speak their language and earn their attention and respect – Secret to successful training millennials.
  • Fun intro to show benefits to them
  • Engage with interactivity
  • Show students the basics
  • Role playing
  • Reinforce with accountability check-ins

Benefits of Margo’s sales training for millennials

  • An expert in millennial communications and in sales
  • Margo “gets” millennials and earns their respect
  • Shows millennials how they benefit and gets them engaged immediately
  • Make the course fun
  • Includes role play, which is how behaviors are learned
  • Follow up accountability after the workshop, which is how behavior is changed

Training millennials to have excellent communication skills increases their sales close rate.

“After implementing the sales strategy Margo taught me, my close rate shot up 40%! I can’t wait to see how my bookings go up when I use all of the techniques she showed me.”

Karen M., Owner, Ma Maison

“I sold  5X more cars in the month after Margo coached me. And the next month was 10X and that’s where my sales remain. My sales are better than they have ever been!”

Gilbert C., Salesman, Kyle Chapman Motors

“Margo’s referral pipeline strategy doubled my sales within 3 months! And I see that continuing to grow.”

Coleman J., Owner of  Filming Company

Communication training also improves productivity and job satisfaction, so employee turnover is reduced, saving the company valuable time and money. Millennials learn how to communicate more effectively with their colleagues, customers and executives.

Including lessons about how to handle job demands, become more flexible and work together as a team are included in Sales Training for Millennials.

I provide onsite training for teams in 1/2 day, full and 2 day training formats at client’s location. Training can be customized based on client needs.

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