Margo Wickersham, Raise Your Revenue Program creator
Sales expert, coach and trainer, Margo Wickersham’s RAISE Your Revenue Nowfb l program increases sales.

Margo is the creator of the award winning 5-step selling program,”RAISE Your Revenue Now”.

With 25 years of record setting success in selling and marketing, Margo created the program that revolutionizes sales and raises revenue. The 5 step system, “RAISE Your Revenue Now” works across every industry and result in 20% to 85% increase in sales revenue!

Margo took every opportunity to learn sales and marketing skills from the highest performers, listened to hundreds of hours of sales training and attended many training events and seminars and paid for the best coaching and mentoring available anywhere.

 As the newest sale rep on the team, Margo set revenue records selling construction equipment during the 80s, when she was one of the very few women in that field. She was content manager of the Dell website in 1997 and was at the forefront of the e-commerce explosion, again setting sales records. She pioneered the use of Human Factors, the science of how people interact with technology to improve the sales conversion rate across dell.com, which lead to multi-million dollar increases in revenue to the company.

Increasing sales has been a constant theme throughout Margo’s career. She discovered that what worked for one industry, also worked for others and now she shares all her best techniques with clients so they can dramatically increase their income.

With her passion for helping people succeed, Margo compiled all of the best practices for selling and succeeding she learned over the decades and from the masters and created

“RAISE Your Revenue Now- The unique sales system for driving your income through the roof.”

Program clients see 20%-85% increase in income.

Schedule a free 15 minute sales strategy session to discover your sales blindspot so can RAISE revenue and earn more income!

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B2B and B2C industries where Margo has used her techniques to dramatically increase sales are:

  • Construction equipment
  • Print ads
  • Mortgage services
  • Marketing agency services
  • Dell Computer
  • Software
  • Start up companies
  • Car dealers

Are you ready to see a major increase in your income now?  Schedule a free 15 minute sales strategy session with Margo and she’ll show you how to RAISE revenue and make more money right away! Companies Margo has coached, guided or mentored:


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