Business and sales coaching clients share their success stories of working with Margo Wickersham to discover the strategies and action steps they needed to take to multiply their revenue growth.

Business Strategy Coaching

“Working with Margo Wickersham was nothing short of miraculous! …She is amazing! Margo’s a pro at mining the good out of business person or project to set a strategy so you can really make it successful!”

-Jan Goss-Gibson, Founder, CEO Civility Consulting


“I just wrapped up a six week coaching session with Margo and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t hire her sooner. Margo’s coaching literally changed me and my business. Promoting myself was not one of my strengths but Margo took the fear out of it by helping me outline a step-by-step process to take my business to the next level. Her coaching style is warm and friendly – you know she’s in your corner – while her knowledge of sales and marketing, and more importantly what will get results, is spot on.”

-Lynn Burdick, Life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author

Sales Strategy and Coaching

“The sales training that Margo did for our company was extremely valuable! Our lowest performing sales rep increased his sales by 500% in the first month and several of the high performing sales reps doubled their sales! Here methods are really effective and her training is clear and specific. Best investment I’ve made this year!”

-Darren Wood, KCM

Sales training workshop participants

Confidence training testimonials from the “Boost Your Confidence” workshop participants.

Nanci T., attorney and general counsel for a large corporation

Kristi M., CFO of a health care company

Suzanne D., former CFO of a major corporation

Participants reported feeling 26% more confident about themselves after the workshop, according the pre- and post- event survey. They said they were surprised to learn how common confidence problems are for even accomplished women and were excited to have specific steps they can take to build their confidence and ask for the promotion and the raise.

Coaching and training testimonials from clients

Training testimonials and comments of Margo's work
Participants in workshops and coaching clients provide training testimonials of Margo’s work.

“Margo helped me succinctly and strongly articulate my professional value based on my diverse experiences. Before we sat down to tackle this daunting task, I had a hard time translating my on- and off-campus experiences into something that mattered to interviewers, and further, to my future workplace teammates.

In addition to the indispensable value proposition, Margo strategically restructured my resume to highlight the most pertinent and eye-catching experiences.

Although I had consulted various career counselors, family members and peers, I was never able to produce a resume and value statement that I was proud of. Margo’s guidance absolutely allowed me to get to this point, and I am so grateful for that!

– Kate S., recent college grad who landed a job at a major technology company


“Margo’s coaching made all the difference for me, a Baby Boomer who needed to learn social media. Because of her skills, I’ve achieved enormous career success at the large tech company that employs me; within one year, I’d garnered more than 100,000 views on my firm’s internal networking site.”

– Juli H., home page manager for a Fortune 100 company


“She helps people laser focus on identifying their strengths and crystalize their goals.  Margo is uniquely both strategic and practical and helps her clients develop actionable plans that spell out next steps to advance their careers. Her passion and energy for coaching people on how to achieve their dreams is evident and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a woman who’s been through numerous transitions in life, Margo practices what she preaches and brings her real world experiences into her career and life coaching.”

– Helen P., business owner – public relations firm


“With Margo as my coach, I discovered career skills I didn’t realize I had. She also helped me see that my dreams for my business were not only possible, but that I have what it takes to make them come true! Amazing breakthroughs! I can’t provide enough glowing training testimonials for Margo’s work.”

– Coleman J., business owner – videography


“Margo’s infectious optimism and skilled facilitation helped me identify my skills and taught me to value my expertise, thus equipping me to more powerfully tell my “story” and believe in myself during a late-in-life job search. Thanks to her guidance as both a life and career coach, I feel equipped to think outside of the box and dream big for my next career move. Much more than a motivational speaker, Margo will help you discover your passion and realize your dreams, just as she did for me!”

– Milana M., senior director of communications for a major non-profit


“Working with Margo Wickersham has been a fabulous experience! I have recently started my own coaching and training business and needed help with Marketing and Social Media – two aspects of business that frankly intimidate me and that I know nothing about. What I love about working with Margo is that she knows all the right questions to ask. She initially took me through a number of exercises to help me get clear on my brand and my marketing strategy, which provided much needed clarity and focus. She’s also extremely knowledgeable about social media, because of her guidance I know so much more now about google analytics and how to use it, what’s important in building a website as well as how to blog to attract more attention to my site. And it’s definitely working, my recent blogs are getting more and more attention and I’m finding that I’m becoming more comfortable in using social media to market my business. In addition to everything else, Margo is an extremely motivating and positive person to work with, which is really important given my initial hesitation of “I just don’t know how to do this.” If you want to get the edge when it comes to Marketing your business, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” less

-Shelly, owner – coaching and training practice


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