“Give Yourself a RAISE - The Simple and Powerful 5-Step Sales Process”

My signature 5 step sales strategy revolutionizes sales and provides a step by step process that anyone in any industry can use to dramatically increase sales and income.


“Connect and Communicate with Millennials - Closing the Millennial Soft Skills Gap"

Communication skills for millennials and the generations who work with them. Since I restarted my career in 2009, I grew up in my second career with millennials and social media. I teach intergenerational communication techniques that lead to increased job productivity, satisfaction and employee retention.


“No More Cold Calls! Building a Referral Pipeline”

Developing a constant flow of referral customers is the secret to doubling sales. Based on my signature sales system, RAISE, I break down the exact steps to take for creating a pipeline of referrals.


“Stand Up Sales Strategies That Drive Peak Performance”

For managers – My outline for leading a sales team with quick and efficient techniques. How to conduct 5 minute sales meetings that keep sales teams highly productive.

Reviews and testimonials

Kerri Hummingbird

Margo is a high energy speaker who delivers clear, actionable wisdom to her audiences from a genuine desire to serve."


Kerri Hummingbird, NAPW Austin


"Margo's presentation was humorous, engaging, informative and inspiring. I also enjoyed that you took an uncomfortable situation (for many women) and made it “OK” for them to make the big ask!