Sales Performance Consulting


Career Coaching

Increase close rates, average sale value, customer retention, lifetime customer value, upsell and referrals. You expect the highest performance from your sales people and I assess the health of the entire team's productivity. After the diagnosis, I create a plan for increasing sales productivity and we make it happen.

Employers need workers to develop soft skills, critical thinking and collaboration skills to maximize productivity. I connect with teams to work together to improve these skills and generate increased profitability for the company, as well as increased job satisfaction and retention for the employees.

Working with professionals looking for new jobs. I coach each person identify the ideal position and target employers to create a customized strategy for finding their ideal job. We work together to maximize your skills, contacts and modern tools to get the best job for you. 100% success rate.

The diagnostics, strategic planning and implementation of our sales process overhaul we hired Margo Wickersham Consulting generated a 500% increase in sales! Shifts in the way our customers shop meant what we had been doing was no longer working. She quickly assessed our business, processes and team performance.
— Darren Wood, GM, Kyle Chapman Motors

Results Clients Have Received From My Work

  • Increased partner retention by 85%
  • Raised partner satisfaction by 26%
  • Increased by partner revenue by 20%+ 
  • Increased internet resources at Dell use by 45%
  • Sales for reps increased by 800%+
  • Sales for reps increased by 40%
  • Sales for reps increased by 25%
  • Increased employee retention by 35%
  • Found and landed jobs for 100% of clients
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Improved confidence
  • Increased overall happiness with life


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