I help businesses increase their success by multiplying sales revenue. The process is customized to each client. I start by assessing where the greatest opportunity to increase revenue is. Sometimes that is identifying the company’s “sweet spot” in the market. If the client already has the sweet spot identified, the best way to move the needle may be improving the sales process. Or coaching and training the sales team on world class selling techniques. Things change and I help companies adapt their strategies and processes to the new ways customers shop and interact with brands.  This is how I multiply profits for my clients.

My style is to listen first and collaborate with my clients so I can provide a clear and specific roadmap for success. Action steps come with every part of my practice. Strategic and actionable services may include some or all of these:

  • Assessment – Sales performance and process assessment
  • Consulting
    • Sales Process
      • Specific recommendations for process improvement
      • Customized sales process development = sales playbook
    • Strategy Consulting
      • Create business and sales strategies
      • Update and refine business and sales strategies
      • Integrate marketing, sales and business strategies
  • Executive coaching
  • Training sales team on existing and new sales processes and techniques

I first discovered how much I enjoyed business strategy when I created the internet business strategy for Dell in the late 90s. After channeling my inner Tony Robbins, I was surprised how much fun it was to train hundreds of sales people on how to use the new internet selling strategies.

Fast forward to 2014 when I was teaching classes, coaching and training women at Dress for Success as a volunteer. I found that work incredibly rewarding.  Then the creative juices really started flowing and I thought, “What if took everything I’ve learned about sales and marketing and gave it to others? How cool would THAT be?”

REALLY cool! Seeing my clients excited about their success gives me joy, so training them on the most effective methods for sales success is fun! Don’t laugh. Selling IS fun and can be for most people, when it’s done well. I consult and coach entrepreneurs, executives and sales professionals on the strategies that drive sales success through the roof.

Companies and industries where I’ve earned success

Sales coaching and consulting clients Margo has led to success.
Sales coaching and consulting clients Margo has led to success.
  • Tech, like Dell Computers, software and Austin fitness game start-ups
  • Business services and products, like mortgages, consultants, construction equipment, marketing, advertising and PR agencies
  • Business to business to business products like healthcare delivery systems and integration software
  • Consumer products, like giant inflatable slides, used cars, financial services and artwork
  • Media in both consumer and business spaces, like magazines and newspapers

Sales strategist, coach and trainer for companies who want to take their success to the next level

Based on my success in my 25+ years in sales across nearly every industry, I created a proprietary 5-step sales system that is the most effective program I’ve seen for increasing sales. And virtually everyone I have trained on the RAISE program raves about how quickly and how much it increases their revenue!

 I offer customized training of the 5-step “Give Yourself A RAISE” sales strategy for specific industries, companies and selling scenarios. I also offer in individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, retreats and corporate training. Working with executives and business owners who are already successful and ready to rocket their sales higher is my passion.

Training communications skills to millennials in sales

I train millennials on business etiquette and “soft skills”, formally known as “people skills”. In-person communication is essential to career success, especially for sales professionals, executives and business owners. A consistent challenge companies tell me they have is millennials with good soft skills are hard to find. And that problem is hurting sales.

The largest generation in history has amazing tech skills and for a majority of them, a deficiency in soft skills. And this problem is costing employers money and millennials their success. I help this generation thrive and their employers to succeed.

B2B, B2C and B2B2B? Communicating, relationship building and selling are P2P – People to people.

People do business with people they know, like and trust and that’s consistent across every industry. Whether selling scissor lifts on construction sites or complex business services to executives, building a relationships that drive sales is the goal.

I’d like to offer you a FREE GIFT from me to you! (Who doesn’t love a free gift?!) A fun eBook I just published, “From Cold to Sold”. It has 17 hacks for converting cold leads to sold customers to make sales success fun again!. Don’t worry – there are a lot of pictures:-) Download your free copy here:

Sales success depends on many factors

Attending networking events to find prospects can be a grind. Do you ever come back from those meetings with just a stack of business cards and good intentions? Not fun.

We hear that the gold is in the follow up…but, that’s not the fun part, right? It CAN be fun! All depends on your approach and expectations. My eBook gives you 17 hacks you can use right now to end that pain and convert cold prospects into sold customers.

I love helping people succeed! Showing business owners and sales executives the strategies that increase revenue is very rewarding. My clients have doubled their income (and more)! Don’t take my word for it, take theirs!

“After implementing the sales strategy Margo taught me, my close rate shot up 40%! I can’t wait to see how my bookings go up when I use all of the techniques she showed me.”

Karen M., Owner, Ma Maison

“I sold  5X more cars in the month after Margo coached me. And the next month was 10X and that’s where my sales remain. My sales are better than they have ever been!”

Gilbert C., Salesman, Kyle Chapman Motors

“Margo’s referral pipeline strategy doubled my sales within 3 months! And I see that continuing to grow.”

Coleman J., Owner of  Filming Company

Entrepreneur sales success coach, Margo Wickersham presents "Give Yourself a RAISE" - the 5 step program for doubling income
Entrepreneur sales coach, Margo Wickersham presents “Give Yourself a RAISE” – the 5 step program for doubling income and achieving success

What are your biggest challenges keeping you from the success you want and deserve? Share them with me below and I’ll get back with you shortly.

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