How I Help

Margo Wickersham, Coach, Leadership Development, Corporate Training
Margo’s passion is helping people get the career they want and deserve.

I help people identify and get their dream careers

Life is happier when we have meaningful work that we enjoy. After all, we spend more of our waking time working, than doing anything else, so it makes sense that we feel happier when we spend that time doing something we like.

I inspire people to discover their strengths and activate their own power so they can create the fulfilling careers they desire. The power to attract meaningful work is within all of us and my passion is helping others find it by providing clear and specific steps they can take to get there.

The work that is most rewarding to me is guiding my clients to discover and develop their strengths, boost their confidence and get the job they want. Determining what their dream job looks like is the first step to defining career goals. It may or not may not be what my clients THOUGHT was their ideal career. Sometimes, the discovery process reveals entirely new career paths and goals.

I begin the process by working with my clients to identify and acknowledge their talents and skills. Next, I guide them to actively celebrate those gifts and explore what environment will be most rewarding for them to use those skills. The next step we do is create their mission statement. This is the goal they have articulated in a “I deliver ‘this benefit’ for ‘these types of organizations’ using my ‘unique skills'” value proposition.

Next, I help them create an action plan for how they’re going to achieve their career goal and transform their dreams to reality. It’s exhilarating to see my clients thrive.

Workshops – Personal, professional and leadership development

These are highly interactive 1/2 day and full day workshops that inspire you to dig deep and discover the passion and possibilities that lie within you. We work in small groups to raise your confidence level, write mission statements and create action plans that equip you to get your dream job. Recent workshop participants reported an average 26% increase in overall confidence after the workshop, according to pre and post event survey data.

Training women to use the power pose to increase their confidence.
Using the power pose to increase confidence at the beginning of a training session.

Career Consultant

I help you discover and celebrate your hidden talents. The next key is to help you clarify your goals and raise your confidence so you can get the career you really want. You’ll create a mission statement and an action plan for getting there. Whether you feel like you’ve stagnated in your career or are returning the the workforce, I can help you get the job of your dreams with the skills you have.

Leadership and professional development training
Collaborating for increased productivity and personal fulfillment.

Training – Professional, leadership and management development

Training teaches teams how to work together more effectively. I work with teams to facilitate strong communication and collaboration across the organization. The result is increased productivity and performance. Plus, team members are happier too.

I offer training sessions for employees and hiring managers to help organizations achieve their diversity standards. With fewer women than men in IT, finance and other fields, many companies have a hard time finding women to fill these job openings. Organizations can also struggle to meet their objectives of promoting more women into leadership positions.  I coach female employees how to manage, plan for and advance their careers. I train managers how to hire and develop women for leadership roles.

Boost Your Confidence Workshop
Acknowledging and celebrating the value of our skills is key increasing our confidence.

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