Training sales teams got the results.

After running diagnostics, Margo discovered that the inside sales teams were not using the new internet resources because they were concerned they would lose their jobs. They believed that their value was primarily based in providing customers with order status and other services, so were reluctant to stop answering emails and calls personally.

The recommendation was to hear the concerns from the inside sales team and create training to remove their fears. Margo recommended a training program for all inside sales teams to educate them on how the internet resources could make their jobs easier and free up time they could spend closing more sales.

Strategic plan

Margo created a simple plan for securing support from all the stake holders to schedule and conduct the training. She “evangelized” the benefits of the internet resources through out the company and won support for the training plan.

Plan implementation

The training plan was launched on time and on budget. Margo scheduled and conducted all training sessions for the inside sales teams.


All inside sales teams were trained on the benefits that Dell’s internet resources provided to customers and to the reps. Understanding and acceptance of sending customers online for service increased dramatically.


The training was successful and use of the internet resources increased by 45% in the first month. Adoption continued to increase over time.

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  • Fear of job loss
  • Unclear about benefits of internet resource to reps
  • Unclear about benefits of internet resource to customers
  • Resistent to change


“Margo knows how to get things done and works cross-functionally within dissimilar corporate structures very well. She very quickly gains an understanding of a business problem or objectives and goes to work to solve it. She has communication skills and works well with a wide variety of people. She is skilled in the art of building consensus among disparate individuals and organizations. She’s a strong leader who excels at team-building as well as project management. True professional, trustworthy, respected by others…”

Kenny Hill, Senior Manager, Dell