Ideal for organizations that want increased productivity, sales and employee retention. Leaders know they have opportunities to improve and are so busy running the business, they don’t have time to research and diagnose the issues hindering success.

Struggles you may have

  • Lost sales
  • Poor follow up
  • Conflict between teams or individuals
  • Inadequate productivity
  • Weak communication between employees or teams
  • Lack of collaboration
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor exit or GlassDoor reviews  from past employees
  • Difficulty attracting strong candidates
  • Excessive operating costs

Diagnostics may include

  • 1 x 1 interviews with leaders and team members
  • Research organization’s culture, performance, industry data, collect employee and executive feedback
  • Synthesize data to determine what issues are impacting the bottom line most
  • Create a diagnostic report summarizing issues, impact to company performance and areas of greatest opportunity
  • Recommendations for solutions that will generate maximum improvement


Strategy turned our sales around

“The diagnostics, strategic planning and implementation of our sales process overhaul we hired Margo Wickersham Consulting to do was a wise investment for KCM. Shifts in the way our customers shop meant what we had been doing was no longer working. She quickly assessed our business, processes and team performance. Margo’s recommended strategy for turning our sales around was informed and smart.”

— Darren Woods, Kyle Chapman Motors

Gains understanding of problem

“Margo very quickly gains an understanding of a business problem or objectives and goes to work to solve them. Margo knows how to get things done and works cross-functionally within dissimilar corporate structures very well. She has communication skills and works well with a wide variety of people. She is skilled in the art of building consensus among disparate individuals and organizations. She’s a strong leader who excels at team-building as well as project management. True professional, trustworthy, respected by others..”

— Kenny Hill, senior manager, Dell

She knows the questions to ask

“What I love about working with Margo is that she knows all the right questions to ask. She initially took me through a number of exercises to help me get clear on my brand and my marketing strategy, which provided much needed clarity and focus. And it’s definitely working, my recent blogs are getting more and more attention.

In addition to everything else, Margo is an extremely motivating and positive person to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

— Shelley Pernot, CEO True North Development


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Curious how your business could grow with my help? Schedule a free call to explore. No high pressure and no spam. That's a promise.

Curious how your business could grow with my help? Schedule a free call to explore. No high pressure and no spam. That's a promise.

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