This is the best option for entrepreneurs, professionals and companies seeking to improve team performance. A common challenge that organizations have is a soft skills gap between millennials and other generations. Closing that gap with intergenerational communication skills training can be very effective and can increase productivity, job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.  

Whether you have people who need better communication, collaboration, sales or leadership skills, training and coaching are proven effective, training that is customized to equip your employees to work better with others delivers strong ROI.

Struggles you may have

    Productivity issues

    • Lack of soft skills in some workers
    • Conflict between teams or individuals
    • Low productivity
    • Weak communication between employees or teams
    • Lack of collaboration
    • High employee turnover
    • Poor exit or GlassDoor reviews  from past employees
    • Lack of bandwidth or staff to implement the plan for addressing known issues
    • Difficulty attracting strong candidates
    • Excessive operating costs
    • Low self confidence
    • Sales issues

    • Low close rates
    • Lost sales
    • Fear of asking for the sale ("professional friend")
    • Inadequate follow up
    • Lack of time to do sales training
    • Inconsistent processes and usage
    • Converting contacts into customer (or at least referrers)

    Training and Coaching may include

    • Work with company leaders to hone the areas of focus for training
      • World class communications
      • New or improved sales and customer experience processes
      • Interpersonal soft skills geared toward millennials and the generations who work with or manage them
      • Collaboration
      •  Conflict resolution
    • Create training plan for process and skill development for new and current employees
    • 1 x 1 meetings with individuals as needed
    • Conduct training or coaching
    • Provide reports on completion of training and coaching


    Working with Margo Wickersham was nothing short of miraculous! …She is amazing! Margo’s a pro at mining the good out of business person or project to set a strategy so you can really make it successful!
    — Jan Goss-Gibson, Founder and CEO, Civility Consulting
    Motivating and positive!

    What I love about working with Margo is that she knows all the right questions to ask. She initially took me through a number of exercises to help me get clear on my brand and my marketing strategy, which provided much needed clarity and focus. And it’s definitely working, my recent blogs are getting more and more attention.
    In addition to everything else, Margo is an extremely motivating and positive person to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
    — Shelley P., Founder and CEO of a coaching and training practice
    Literally changed my life!

    I just wrapped up a six week coaching session with Margo and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t hire her sooner. Margo’s coaching literally changed me and my business. Promoting myself was not one of my strengths but Margo took the fear out of it by helping me outline a step-by-step process to take my business to the next level. Her coaching style is warm and friendly – you know she’s in your corner – while her knowledge of sales and marketing, and more importantly what will get results, is spot on.
    — Lynn Burdick, Life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author

    "Margo has a great way of realizing the potential we have in our businesses! Increase your business where you stand, right now! Her sales technique and training sessions are incredible."

    Sandra Dee Robinson, Charismatic Cowgirl

    "Margo's workshop was very valuable for teaching me how to create a steady stream of referrals, so I don't have to make cold calls ever again."

    Tom Mckeown, Sales Professional

    "She breaks up the information into a simple and organized way, which makes understanding the steps easy. And I really like her energy!”

    Leslie Montoya, Univision

    LisaBeth Thompson, TWIB President

    "Margo delivers value packed messages with her fun and interesting stories in a warm style that holds audience attention and gives them specific steps they can use to increase income right away."

    LisaBeth Thompson, TWIB President

    Britney King Author.jpg

    "I found Margo to be an engaging, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guest trainer. Her RAISE program is easy to use and remember. A crowd favorite, for sure, I'd be honored to have her back."

    Britney King, Author


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    Curious about your revenue can grow? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call to explore more. No high pressure sales tactics. And no spam ever. 

    Curious about your revenue can grow? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call to explore more. No high pressure sales tactics. And no spam ever. 

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