After 50 years of success selling used cars at several locations in Austin, Kyle Chapman Motors’ sales declined. Previously high performing reps were selling few or no cars. The company needed to diagnose the cause and fix the problem fast.

Diagnosis and recommendation

After running diagnostics, which included 1 x 1 visits with leaders and sale reps, Margo discovered used car customer shopping and buying behavior had changed. The sales process that had worked well for so many years was failing to deliver sales for Kyle Chapman Motors. The company needed to learn how to adjust their process to be successful again. They also needed a plan for implementing and training the team on the new system.

Strategic plan

Margo created a strategic plan for developing and launching new processes that optimized the behaviors car shoppers currently used for maximum close rates. This included a roadmap for training existing sales reps and onboarding new ones.

Plan implementation

KCM hired Margo to work with their team to implement the strategic plan to improve sales and customer service processes. She collaborated with company owners, leaders and sales teams to create new processes. The new sales process was designed to reflect how car buyer shopping behavior had shifted away from in person and towards online browsing.

Implementing the strategic plan included:

  • Creating the master list of activities required to close a sale
  • Creating the complete ideal customer experience process:
    • Before sale
    • Sales process
    • After sale
    • Service
    • Issue resolution
    • Asking for reviews and referrals
    • Repeat purchase
  • Developing a world class system for helping the reps complete each task
  • Change the processes within the CRM to remind reps and track the new steps
  • Produce a plan for the sales director to efficiently manage the new process


  • 1 x 1 coaching with each sales rep to maximize strengths and improve in key areas
  • Training sales, customer service and managers on the new customer experience process
  • Training sales team on the new best practices sales process
  • Communications training – including training millennials, their colleagues and managers on effective communication


One month after new sales process was launched and sales teams were trained:

  • Sales for lowest performing reps increased by 500%
  • Sales for average performing reps increased by 25%
  • Sales for highest performing reps increased by 15%

Three months after new sales process and training were completed:

  • Sales for lowest performing reps increased by 800%+
  • Sales for average performing reps increased by 40%
  • Sales for highest performing reps increased by 25%

Additionally, formally poor performing reps felt much more satisfied with their own performances and in their jobs. The mood of the team became much more positive and collaborative.


  • Fear of job loss
  • Unclear about benefits of internet resource to reps
  • Unclear about benefits of internet resource to customers
  • Resistent to change


“The sales training that Margo did for our company was extremely valuable! Our lowest performing sales rep increased his sales by 500% in the first month and several of the high performing sales reps doubled their sales! Here methods are really effective and her training is clear and specific. Best investment I’ve made this year!”

-Darren Wood, KCM

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