Ideal for organizations who have identified what needs to be done to increase company performance but need a specific plan for how to get there. Strategic Plans are for leaders who are so focused on other initiatives, they don’t have bandwidth or staff to develop the roadmap for improvement. We create the plan and process improvements required for success so clients can implement themselves or hire others to do it for them.

Struggles you may have

  • Lack of direction for fixing known problems
  • Lack of time or resources to create a plan for addressing known issues
  • Lost sales
  • Poor follow up
  • Conflict between teams or individuals
  • Inadequate productivity
  • Weak communication between employees or teams
  • Lack of collaboration
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor exit or GlassDoor reviews  from past employees
  • Difficulty attracting strong candidates
  • Excessive operating costs

Strategic Plans may include

  • Review solutions to known issues
  • Research other potential challenges hindering productivity
  • Define optimal processes, based on company, customers and industry
  • Develop detailed Strategic Plan for implementing solutions and processes that create maximum impact
  • Strategic Plan as a roadmap for implementing solutions
  • Recommend success metrics and KPIs for plan implementation


Informed and smart

“The diagnostics, strategic planning and implementation of our sales process overhaul we hired Margo Wickersham Consulting to do was a wise investment for KCM. Shifts in the way our customers shop meant what we had been doing was no longer working. She quickly assessed our business, processes and team performance. Margo’s recommended strategy for turning our sales around was informed and smart.”

— Darren Woods, Kyle Chapman Motors


"Working with Margo Wickersham was nothing short of miraculous! …She is amazing! Margo’s a pro at mining the good out of business person or project to set a strategy so you can really make it successful!"

— Jan Goss-Gibson, Founder/CEO Civility Consulting

Laser focus..actionable plans

“Margo has a way of cutting through the clutter to get to the heart of the situation and offer creative solutions. She helps companies laser focus on identifying their strengths and crystalizing their goals.  Margo is uniquely both strategic and practical and helps her clients develop actionable plans that spell out next steps to advance their business profitability.”

— Helen Patterson, King Knight Public Relations

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Curious about your revenue can grow? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call to explore more. No high pressure sales tactics. And no spam ever. 

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