One Thing That Will Attract New Clients You Can Do Today on Social Media


Easier said than done, right? Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed by social media sometimes. It's SUPER common! There's so much we CAN do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and LinkedIn that entrepreneurs can feel paralyzed, like a deer in the headlights. We know we can get more customers with social media, but we can also spend hours doing it.

Just because we CAN do it, doesn't mean we SHOULD do it. The key is focus. However you like to visualize your tasks so you can prioritize them, I highly recommend you do that to get clarity on what social media activity is most important for driving growth for your business. What's the one thing you can do that will attract more customers today? That will increase sales, for realsies?

I'll give you some help. You've heard it said often that brands need to deliver value with their content. That's true, no matter what form the content takes, social media is included. Entertain, inform or do both is the content marketing credo. Since the goal of content is to build the know-like-trust factor, I suggest you run each post you're considering through that filter. Does the post help audiences know, like and trust you? If so, is the content valuable and/of entertaining.

Put all of your social media post ideas through these filters and then you'll have a short list of good branding, rapport-building and value-adding content. Once you have the short list, review it to determine which social post is most likely to attract leads and you'll get more customers. That's the one to post. That's the one that will drive more sales and revenue for your business.

Declutter your mind and calendar by focusing only on this one post. Use your favorite social media management app (I use Hootsuite) to optimize when you post on each social media outlet. Remember to answer questions and like and reply to comments to get the most mileage out of your post too.



How to get more customers and increase sales with this one social media action

How to get more customers and increase sales with this one social media action